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Composite decking with unique stain resistance surface
Composite decking with superior impact strength
Composite decking with high friction surface
Composite decking with superior colour durability
Composite decking with stain resitance

UPM ProFi Composite Decking

Cleaning & Maintenance Instructions

UPM ProFi Deck has been designed with a closed surface which offers greater resistance to spills and stains, however, as with any outdoor flooring surface periodic cleaning and correct care is needed to ensure the deck retains its beauty for many years

Debris Free

Ensure that leaves and other debris are swept from the deck.  This will minimise the need for deck washing

Normal Washing 

Warm water and gentle brushing are often enough to clean away dust and debris.  Normal household detergents can also be added to the water without damaging the decking.

A pressure washer is recommended for a more thorough cleaning.  A narrow jet spray is most effective.  To avoid damaging the deck surface, the pressure should be in the mid-range (not more than 80 bar), and the nozzle should be kept at least 35cm from the boards.  The temperature of the water should be not higher than 40C.  The deck should first be sprayed with a detergent solution, then gently brushed and finally rinsed with the spray. 

Materials & Cleaning Agents

Jet washing, warm water and detergent, and medium bristle brushes are the only materials and cleaning agents that should be used.  A scrubbing sponge/pad should never be used as it will damage the deck surface

Oil & Grease Stains

Fue to UPM ProFi Deck's closed surface technology, oil and grease spills can normally be cleaned without staining.  Duch spills should be removed and the surface cleaned as soon as possible (ideally within 3 hours) with warm water and detergent.  Should a grease stain remain, a household degreasing agent may be used to remove it.  The deck should be thoroughly rinsed after cleaning with warm water.  It is recommended to place a grill mat underneath a grill/barbeque.Stain Resistance UPM  Composite Decking

Scratches or Surface Abrasions 

UPM ProFi Deck is made from hardwearing polypropylene which results in a tough scratch resistant surface.  However superficial marks and scratches may be caused if furniture or other heavy objects are dragged over the deck.  These will not affect the structural performance of the deck and will become less visible over time.  No attempt should be made to sand the deck surface

Mould or Mildew

Mould and mildew occur naturally on damp surfaces which contain plant based materials (leaves, pollen, seeds, etc).  Mould will grow on untreated timber decks or traditional composite decks that have an open surface (unless a biocide has been used).  UPM ProFi Composite Deck is free from biocides but has a closed surface which minimises mould growth.  However, it is important that deck boards are kept free from leaves and other garden debris with which mould could develop.  Sufficient ventilation underneath the deck is also necessary to enable the surface to dry.  

Ice & Snow

De-icing salt can be used to remove ice from UPM ProFi Deck and plastic or wooden shovels may be used to clear snow.  Metal shovels should not be used as they may scratch the deck surface.

Rust Stains/Stubborn Spots

If metal filings are left on the deck, rust stains may result.  These may be removed with proprietary composite deck cleaners containing axalic acid in accordance with manufacturer's instructions.  

Paint & Varnish 

UPM ProFi Deck is designed not to need any new surface coating during its lifetime.  Paint & Varnish should be avoided as they may not adhere well to the surface and will reduce the friction properties of the deck

For any cleaning material used, it is important that the manufacturer's instructions are strictly following concerning its proper usage, any safety precautions needed and its disposal.  it is advisable to test any cleaning material initially on a small inconspicuous area of the deck.  Different cleaning materials should never be mixed, and the deck should be thoroughly rinsed after any application. 


  • Superior stain resistance. Superior stain resistance.
  • High impact strengh. Better scratch resistance. High impact strengh. Better scratch resistance.
  • High friction wet or dry. High friction wet or dry.
  • Better colour durability. Better colour durability.
  • Zero degree incline possible. Zero degree incline possible.
  • Splinter free warm to touch. Splinter free warm to touch.
  • Recycled and recycable. Recycled and recycable.