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Composite decking with unique stain resistance surface Unique Stain Resistance Surface.
Composite decking with superior impact strength Superior Impact Strength.
Composite decking with high friction surface High Friction Surface − Wet or Dry.
Composite decking with superior colour durability Superior Colour Durability.
Composite decking with stain resitance Superior Stain Resistance.



  • The UPM ProFi Design Deck range gives outdoor living a fresh and modern feel. With a stone-like appearance.
  • UPM ProFi Deck gives outdoor living a stylish new look.
  • The colours inspired by nature, allow deck designs that are fresh and clean.
  • Distinctive patterns can be achieved by alternating the direction of the boards or utilising both the fine and the wide groove surfaces of the reversible profile.
  • Best of all, once installed, the deck will continue to look great throughout the years with only minimal maintenance.
  • UPM ProFi Decking sets new standards in colour durability.
  • Unlike wood and other composites, it is virtually free of lignin, the natural molecule which causes wood and other natural fibres to turn grey when exposed to sunlight

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composite decking

What is Composite Decking?

Wood and cellulose fibres are encapsulated in specially selected polymers to provide lasting protection from the weather. The advanced composite technology provides superior resistance to UV, frost, stains and impacts when compared to traditional composite or wood decks.

Due to the innovative use of recycled materials, UPM ProFi has won several international awards, and its products make a major contribution to reducing traditional landfill and incineration. UPM ProFi deck boards are made from at least 50% recycled materials and backed by a comprehensive guarantee.

Why use Composite Decking?

  • icons1 Superior stain resistance.
  • icons2 High impact strengh. Better scratch resistance.
  • icons3 High friction wet or dry.
  • icons4 Better colour durability.
  • icons5 Zero degree incline possible.
  • icons6 Splinter free warm to touch.
  • icons7 Recycled and recycable.